Upcoming projects:

2019 Release!!!  Richard & Rick Witkowski (Crack The Sky guitarist/co-founder)  have co- produced Richard’s new solo vocal record, titled “Twelve” . Players include: Tom Alonso (keyboards), Michael Bronson (electric guitar), Bill Dumas (acoustic lead guitar), Joey D’Amico (drums, harmony vocals), Mike Gottleib (keyboards) Bobby Hird (electric & acoustic guitars, harmony & lead vocals), Bob Margolis (electric guitar), Joe Macre (bass guitar), David Meer (guitar, harmony vocals), John Palumbo (harmony vocals), Eric Robertson (drums), Scott Smith (electric guitar), Vicki Scarinzi (harmony vocals), Mitchell Shaivitz (drums, percussion), Richard Walton (bass, acoustic & electric guitars, lead & harmony vocals, keyboards, percussion), Tecla Walton (violins), Rick Witkowski (electric, acoustic & bass guitars, percussion, keyboards), Ellis Woodward (acoustic lead guitar & harmony vocals) & Glenn Workman (keyboards). Mastering is done by Lee Townsend.

Songs recorded and mastered for “Twelve”: 

“Here Right Now” (William Dumas / Richard Walton)
“The Hard Way” (Robert C. Hird / Richard Walton)
“Love Worth Finding” (Richard Walton)
“I Remember Me” (Richard Walton)
“Everybody Can’t Be Wrong” (Richard Walton)
“Rewind” (Richard Walton)
“Nothing At All” (Richard Walton)
“Letting Go” (Richard Walton)
“Don’t Shoot The Messenger” (Richard Walton)
“Just Love” (Richard Walton)
“Island In The Rain” (Richard Walton)
“Before You Fell So Far” (Paul Harrison / Richard Walton)
Bottle” (William Dumas / Richard Walton) 

Richard has produced/engineered/mixed a Richard Walton Group ‘live’ record, taken from live performances with current line-up. Songs: “Serra” (slow version), “Cab Fare”, “Across The Tracks”, “Coho Winds, “Miss You Already” (vocal version), “Rio Le”, “Junction”, “Under The Current”, “Written In The Dark” and “El Baile De La Espina”.

Richard has been producing the new Richard Walton Group studio record. Songs include: “A Song For CL”, “Crunch Time”, “Infatuation”, “Bad Dog“, “Jazzy Blues”, etc

Richard has been producing another new ‘ solo vocal record. Songs include: “Words We Long To Hear”, “Every Drop Of Rain”, “The Last Train Home”, “Hobo On The Track”, “My Old Heart Is True”, “Pity Party”, “Cousin’s Day”, “Relying On An O Ring”, etc..

Richard has been working on an ‘island flavored’ instrumental/vocal solo record. Songs include: “Lazy Afternoon”, “Secret’s In The Sauce”, “Lady Blue”, “Two Shades Of Grey”, “Destination Anywhere” (instrumental), “Now And Then “(instrumental), “Love Worth Finding” (instrumental), etc..

Richard has been trying to complete a the second Straight On Red record for a few years. Songs include: “Where We Are Right Now”, “You Are With Us”, “A Question Of Value”, “The Rock”, “Your Love”, “God Never Fails”, “Fingerprints Of God”, “Room Maker”, “Love Worth Finding”,  etc…